What Is A Christian Education?

19 July 2021
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Private schools are an alternative to public schools and charter schools. In exchange for tuition, private schools provide students with the kind of education that they can't get elsewhere. Christian private schools offer Christian education to young people. As a parent, you may wonder what exactly that entails. Here are four things that define a Christian education:

1. Learning Through A Christian Lens

Christian private schools instruct students in all the subjects you would expect to find at traditional high schools. Students will learn algebra, geometry, and even calculus. They will also learn about biology, science, and the natural world. However, at a Christian school, all of these subjects will be taught through a Christian lens. Students will learn about the world and everything in it as God's creation. This can give them a deeper appreciation for God the Creator.

2. Bible Literacy

The Bible holds an important place in the faith of Protestants and Catholics alike. Learning what the Bible says can help young Christians make good choices that are aligned with biblical truths. It can take a lifetime to learn the Bible, so getting an early start will serve kids well throughout their lives. At a private Christian school, students will take religious education classes that will teach them Bible literacy.

3. Christian Instructors

Christian schools strive to impart Christian values to students. To accomplish this goal, Christian schools hire Christian instructors who have a strong belief in Jesus and His teaching. Christian instructors can serve as excellent role models for young people. Through their examples and teachings, Christian instructors can encourage students to reach new heights of academic and moral excellence.

4. Communal Worship Services

Christian schools also give students the chance to worship together as a student body. Students will have the chance to attend chapel services at least once a week at a private Christian school. Worshiping together allows students to practice expressing their faith in public settings. Learning to express their faith publicly instead of hiding it is an important skill for every young Christian. 

These four things define a Christian education. Teenagers from all Christian denominations can receive world-class educations in private schools committed to the teachings of Christianity. Parents can rest assured that their students will receive excellent moral instruction alongside their academic classes.

For more information about your children receiving a private education, contact a Christian private school in your area.