Bridging The Gap: Making Sure Your Wayward Teen Gets Back On The Right Path

22 February 2019
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Children starting down the wrong path can be subtle at first. They may slowly become apathetic about grades and school and spend more times on unnecessary hobbies. If your child has started to ditch schoolwork in order to hang out with friends or participate in other activities, it is important to get them back on track. How well your child does in high school will determine whether they can successfully move on to a good college program. Here are some moves to make to get your child back on a better path. 

Find a youth group that they enjoy

No teenager wants to feel isolated. Even if you do not want your child participating in their old, harmful activities they will need to have someone to hang out with. Help your teen find a youth group that they will enjoy being with that meets once or twice a week. A couple of meetings per week keeps your teen busy with fun activities but gives them plenty of time to catch up and take care of their academic activities. 

Get them into a college prep high school

If you want to be assured that your child will be on the college track, your student should go to a college prep high school. College prep high schools focus on making sure that the students in the school are prepared for and get into top-level colleges and universities. This means your child will be surrounded by students who take academics seriously and teachers that are interested in helping students thrive throughout the learning process. A college prep high school is precisely where your student needs to be if they want to catch up academically and get on the college track. 

Have them write out a monthly plan of their life track

Some students find putting a pen to paper to describe their goals the easier way to make their plans clear. All students who plan to apply to college will write essays or answer short questions on the application. By writing out a list of their goals or writing a statement as if they have obtained their goal, your child gets the chance to practice writing and plot out their next life moves. Go over their paragraph or list of their life track as a family on a monthly basis. This will keep you abreast of your child's goals and will make sure that they are constantly thinking about their life's next steps.