What To Expect From A College Prep School

23 July 2020
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If you are thinking about sending your child to a college prep school, you may be wondering what is going to be different about this potential new school from your child's current public school. There are many differences between college prep schools and other educational institutions. Get to know some of what you can expect from a college prep school. Then, you can be better prepared if you do decide to send your child to a college prep school in the near future. 

Expect a More Stringent Code of Conduct

College prep schools do not mess around when it comes to conduct and discipline. They expect their students to be there with a strong desire to learn and to get into a good or even great college. Many students at college prep schools have Ivy League aspirations. 

Because of all of this, you can expect that your child's college prep school will have a much tougher and more stringent code of conduct than their previous school. Behaviors that may have been tolerated or overlooked in their previous school may be punishable in their new school. 

If you decide to send your child to a college prep school, be sure to go over the code of conduct with them so they understand the rules and what is expected of them. This will help your child to be more successful when school begins. 

Expect More Rigorous Academic Standards As Well

The goal of a college prep school is to prepare your child for the rigors of college academics at a high-quality college institution. Because of this, the academic standards at a college prep school will be much higher and more rigorous than any public school or other type of educational institution. 

Expect your child to be academically challenged and pushed hard in a college prep school. They will learn a great deal more than they would in another type of school this way. The additional knowledge and skills they gain will help them to succeed on the ACT and SAT as well as be more than ready for their introductory courses in college. 

The more seriously your child takes their education at a college prep school, the better off they will be in their pursuit of elite higher education experiences. Be sure your child knows that college prep school will be tougher academically than their old school before they start. That way, they are not surprised by the higher standards and expectations. 

Knowing these things to expect from a college prep school, you can be prepared if you do decide to send your child to a college prep school for their high school education.