Critical Ways That A Christian Academy Differs From Public Schools

30 December 2020
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As your child nears preschool or kindergarten, you must contemplate what kind of school you want to send him or her. You may think that your most common choice is a public school. However, you may not necessarily be convinced this choice is the right one for your child. 

Instead, you may wonder if a Christian school is the better choice for your child. You can decide for yourself by learning about how a Christian academy differs from public schools.

More Prayer and Church Services

It is common for a Christian academy to include prayer with the daily curriculum that your child will be taught. It is against the law for public schools to include prayer in the day's lessons. However, Christian schools are not regulated by federal or state laws and, therefore, are free to include prayer in their curriculum.

When you want your child to be exposed to daily prayer, you can get this by sending them to a Christian academy. Your child's teacher will lead the class in prayer, most often at the start of the day, to expose students to common prayers used in Christianity.

Depending on what academy that you send them to, your child may also attend regular church services. Catholic schools in particular include daily Mass in their routines. Other Christian schools also start their days with a short prayer or church services.

Better Funding

If you send your child to a Christian academy, you can expect to pay tuition that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. Part of this money will be used to fund the classrooms that your child will attend.

Because of the rate of tuition, the typical Christian academy is better funded than most public schools. Your child's teacher has more money with which to buy supplies. Your child also could have better technology than what could be made available at a local public school.

Finally, a Christian academy may have a smaller classroom size. Public schools have dozens of students in each classroom. Private academies have smaller classroom sizes and more one-on-one time between teachers and students.

A Christian academy can offer your student more benefits. They may be exposed to daily prayer and church services. Your child's school may also be better funded and have fewer pupils in each classroom. 

If you have additional questions about Christian academies, start by reaching out to local schools to learn more.