Enrolling Your Child In An All-Boy Private Catholic High School

26 March 2021
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Public schools are often rife with problems that you would rather your child avoid. You do not want to entrust his education to a school that is poorly financed, overcrowded and unsafe.

Instead, you may favor sending your son to a school that is privately founded and funded. You can take advantage of what an all-boy private Catholic high school can offer to your student.

Safer Environment

Private schools are statistically safer spaces for students in which to learn. In fact, they often have the funds to hire their own private security staff. They are better equipped to deal with threats like people who try to break in during school hours or students who might try to smuggle weapons into the building. 

Because of the safer environment, you may feel more at ease at sending your child to an all-boy private Catholic high school. You know that your son can learn better and avoid the security risks that can come with attending a public school.

Religious Instruction

As a practicing Roman Catholic, you may also want your son to be exposed to the Catechism each day in school. You want its lessons to be taught in a thorough and logical manner. You do not want to relegate his religious instruction to classes that are offered after Mass or during the week at your parish.

Students at an all-boy private Catholic high school learn about the Catechism and receive religious lessons throughout their time in school. They are prepared for upper-level sacraments, such as Confirmation, without having to take extracurricular lessons at a local parish.

Community Service

Finally, an all-boy Catholic private high school commonly requires students to perform dozens of hours of community service throughout their time in the school. They are assigned so many hours that they must complete each year. Their total hours must meet or exceed the requirements of the school by the time they graduate.

Your son can benefit from performing community service and learning how to empathize with those less fortunate than him. He can also explore career skills through volunteer work and decide what path he may want to take after graduation.

An all-boy private Catholic high school can provide benefits to your son. He can learn in a safer environment without dealing with security risks. He can also receive daily religious instruction and complete community service hours.

To learn more, contact an all-boy private Catholic high school.