What Is A Christian Education?

19 July 2021
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Private schools are an alternative to public schools and charter schools. In exchange for tuition, private schools provide students with the kind of education that they can't get elsewhere. Christian private schools offer Christian education to young people. As a parent, you may wonder what exactly that entails. Here are four things that define a Christian education: 1. Learning Through A Christian Lens Christian private schools instruct students in all the subjects you would expect to find at traditional high schools. Read More 

Enrolling Your Child In An All-Boy Private Catholic High School

26 March 2021
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Public schools are often rife with problems that you would rather your child avoid. You do not want to entrust his education to a school that is poorly financed, overcrowded and unsafe. Instead, you may favor sending your son to a school that is privately founded and funded. You can take advantage of what an all-boy private Catholic high school can offer to your student. Safer Environment Private schools are statistically safer spaces for students in which to learn. Read More